About Me

My Name is Christopher Cost-Kirkpatrick and I am a 19-year-old creative that specializes in sports media. My skill set includes video creation/production, photography, and video editing. I was born and raised in Orono, Maine, and currently, I am a freshman at the University of Rhode Island studying Sports Media. I am a Creative Media student-employee for the University of Rhode Island athletics, as well as a digital creator for BigTimeHoops Maine, a Maine-centered basketball media company. 

I began my filmmaking journey as a film student in the Fall of 2021 when I attended United Technologies Center in Bangor, Maine. Where I spent my senior year studying film production and analysis while spending countless hours in Adobe Premiere as well as behind the camera. Since then it has felt like a ride through my first year behind my camera and learning everything. I found a passion for creation, especially videos and I can't wait to learn more and take in every opportunity possible. 

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